Cleansing Essentials

Taking care of my skin plays a huge part in my everyday life. I suffered with bad acne back when I was in high school. It was mostly stressed-induced. After a few years of stressing over my bad skin, I realized just how bad I was stressing over it and the fact that I was stressing wasn’t helping at all. In fact, it was just making my skin worse. So I finally calmed down about having bad skin and just bitterly accepted it. Now, I make it my job to really take care of my skin. I wash my face twice a day, in the morning and evening. I started breaking out less. Recently, I started using Kiehl’s facial cleanser and the new Mia Prima cleansing brush from Clarisonic. I have a combination of oily and dry skin, and very sensitive as well. (Yuh. The greatest combo. Sarcasm intended) When you have this skin type, most of the time it feels like a mission to find products that actually work for your skin. Since I don’t break out as much as I used to before, hyper-pigmentation and maintaining my face from breaking out are my two priorities. Mia Prima does a good job of cleaning out my pores especially on the longer days I have make-up on. In the morning, I brush my face very lightly using Mia Prima and Kiehl’s cleanser. Since I don’t really have any make-up remnants I try to be very gentle with my skin. However, in the evening I would brush my face more cautiously and a little longer than I would in the morning just because I like wearing make up and I love to clean out all the foundation remnants from my face. Although lately I have been make up free. On days like this, I would just do the same thing as my usual morning routine.

Skincare routine for combination skin; Clarisonic Mia Prima cleansing brush
Cleanser for acne-prone skin

I have been using Kiehl’s cleanser and Mia Prima brush for at least 3 weeks now and I am still in love at how gentle the cleanser is. It has a very light texture, almost dewy-like. It may feel very lighweight once applied on the face but it does its job very effectively. I can justify that it truly helps remove dirt and debris without over-drying or stripping my skin. (I’m gonna make a confession here) I have some nights when I am just too tired to function and I would skip washing off my face on these nights. Kielh’s is great to rely on when nights like these occur. It is a pH-balanced cleanser that helps maintain the skin’s natural balance. The morning after I skip my night wash, I would do a skincare rebound and lately Mia Prima and Kiehl’s are truly living up to my skincare standards. Not to mention just how much it is helping my skin to adjust with the constantly changing weather that we are having on the East Coast right now.

In short, I’m obsessed with these products. My skin feels smooth like a baby’s bottom right after washing it off. Literally what I look forward in my daily life. Now that the holiday season is coming up, give yourself a treat and try out the Mia Prima cleansing brush and Kiehl’s Untral Facial Cleanser. They make a great combo and while you’re at it, take one for the special people in your life as well. Thank me later.

Mia Prima Device and Kiehl's ultra facial cleanser
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Would you ladies like me to write another blogpost and share my how-to’s of using the brush and the cleanser? Please let me know on the comments below or DM me on IG. It would be my pleasure to share my experience.



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