First Time in Los Angeles


Though spontaneity is fun, it is not my most favorite way to be. I think because I am an ambivert but sometimes my introverted side just overweighs my extroverted side. Most of my friends are always spontaneous. However, I am more of a person that over analyzes things before acting on it. Yes, I know i know I should work on this, worry not I am trying lol. But I think my friends balance me out pretty well. Three months ago, one of my closest friends invited me to travel to Los Angeles with her. I was a little hesitant at first because I knew my schedule for the summer was pretty hectic. That's actually more of the reason why I agreed to fly to LA with her. As most of you know and if you didn't, I am currently an engineering student so it is very difficult for me to travel since my schedule is not very flexible but, I am always encouraged to not miss out on life despite the busyness that my course of study in school puts on me. So, here I am. Flying to LA on a whim.. after cancelling who knows how many times.

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As mainstream as we are, our first stop is at In-n-Out. Everything during this trip is a first time. 

I did not like In-n-Out's regular fries but their burger bread was to die-for. It was very crispy! (Read until the end to see my initial reaction about In-N-Out) 

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After feeding our bellies, we still have some time to spare but it is already around 11PM and most places are already closed so we just go to visit LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art.) We chill there for quite a while and meet up with some of our friend's friends. Yup! I go with the saying "the more the merrier," my extroverted self feeds off of other people's energy. So, as long as I am with energetic people my energy rises up as well. 

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And this is pretty much how we are spending our first night in LA. More on the next blog... Any guess where we spend our first day in the city?