#BTR: Books to read in 2019

Hi beautiful strangers, friends and fam! I have not published anything on this blog in awhile but I am still SOO thankful because you are so patient with me. (I can see whoever is reading my blogpost. Thank you!) It’s not that I have no content to publish there but soo many that I do not know where to start sharing. (On that note, leave me a comment below what you want to see/read on this page. i.e, Outfit looks, My recent trip to the Philippines, College life, anything. TIA) Anyway, I thought I should share with all of you my 2019 #BTR List. Let’s get to it!

Currently reading: Adultery by Paulo Coelho

Anddd.. that is it for now. I like binge reading books but since I like to think I don’t really have the time to do so, it’s became a habit to just read the book and not finish it. This is my attempt on breaking that rut. Also, these books are very much more on self-help category but I also like sci-fi books and fiction. There’s nothing on my list because I don’t really know what people read nowadays. So, if you have some book recommendations up on your sleeve, feel free to share them here.

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored by anything/anyone mentioned above. I just included the link for reference, just in case you would want to read these books with me. Although, I am an amazon affiliate.