Design your hustle: Taking a Class on CreativeLive

Taking a Class on CreativeLive

I will always going to be drawn back to writing and taking photos and creating something out of these two. That’s where my creativity lies. I firmly believe that everyone has a creative side. Sometimes it just needs to be triggered. Let me tell you a quick story that I never told anyone about. So, my Instagram account has been around since 2013. At that time, Instagram was an app that fascinated me and triggered my likeness of taking photos and sharing it with my circle. Around 2014, my account was mainly tailored towards Photography. I would always take landscape photos when I am out of town and cityscapes when I am in the city. I didn’t post anything about fashion, travel, or lifestyle like I do now. It began in 2017 when I finally gave in and decided to start posting photos of my outfits, my lifestyle as an engineering student who passionately love fashion and all the pretty things in life, and all my travel adventures. Before, I thought if I started posting about fashion and my lifestyle, I would not be considered as a creative anymore and because society told me to think this way. Despite the enjoyment I find with being behind the camera, I also like being in front of the camera. But because I thought being in front of the camera had limited control over my creativity, it made me think that I am less of a creative person. But, it’s actually really hard and still requires so much effort. To simplify this conjecture, I did not want people to look down on my love for fashion. I am an observant, I notice it when people spit out negative comments about models, actors, or anyone in the art industry really. My perspective just shifted 180 degrees and I learned that it’s not other people that define your creativity, it’s you. So, own it and embrace it because this is where you explore different areas of your interests, sparkle your passion and find something meaningful in it. Anyways, enough of that and let’s go down memory lane for a quick second.

Here is my Instagram feed from 2016 to my current feed.


You might be wondering why I was telling you that story and why am I exactly sharing my Instagram feed here with you. Answer is, the key factor that changed my whole perspective is by totally taking advantage of the resources around me. By that I mean, THE Internet. There is so much beneficial information out there that you can pretty much research and learn about ANYTHING. So, why not make use of websites such as CreativeLive that can feed your growth as a person. Learn that thing that you have always been so curious about. If you have been following me on Instagram and keeping up to date, you know that I am currently taking a class on CreativeLive, a platform that has over 1,500 curated classes in Photography & Video, Money & Life, Craft & Maker, Art & Design, and Music & Audio, a wide variety. You can either watch On-Air broadcasts for free or buy a class and own the content for life. I highly recommend it because you don’t necessarily have to pay for a class to take advantage of the platform. CreativeLive offers 1 free lesson of your choice each and every day. That’s rich! Start learning for free now with amazing live and On-Air classes which I will list down below for you all to check out.

Free On-Air Classes - Week of 9/16

There are a lot more classes on the platform that you all can check out here. Again, highly suggested that you check it out and start learning for free. I am currently enrolled in a class with Sue B. Zimmerman and I am just loving that I can literally take this class anywhere with me since I have the CreativeLive on my phone, ANDDD I don’t need wi-fi to watch the videos! Let me know if any of those classes caught your attention or any thoughts about creative online classes, or anything at all.

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