Same same, but different

Versatile clothing is the best. My number one rule when shopping is versatility. If I can’t wear it XXX ways, I will not buy it. I am a creature of habit. I repeat outfits but I don’t want my outfits to always look the same so this is where the fun comes in. Playing around with one piece of clothing can be both challenging and entertaining. But before styling I always I ask myself, what am I going for? This helps me get a better idea and visualize a look. So, here are my 3 ways of styling a Crop Turtle-Neck Shirt. 


  • The grungy look

I thought pairing it up with a distressed black jeans gave the shirt an edgy look since it’s a fully covered top perfectly suited for Fall season. Pairing it up with studded boots is what I thought completed the grunge look. Accessories can make or break an outfit. I thought the pop of blue complements the color of the shirt.


  • The Relaxed 

I paired it up with a shorts and a pair of classic black sneakers (Side note: It was a good steal. Axel Arigato is a Japanese brand and they are pretty pricey but they have double C sneakers. Classy and Classic. I have always wanted to invest in one and early this month they went on a MAJOR SALE. I obviously did not let that pass) I thought adding white Sunglasses to accesorize gives the look a twist. I like mixing denim and whites. 


  • The Monotone Set

Despite looking like a Green Pepper here. You on the other hand, might look stunning in this combination. I love pairing up the same color of clothing but only to a minimal extent (it gets overwhelming when it’s too much) but here I thought pairing up this top with a green culotte gives it a very classy look. Minimal but edgy and somewhat semi-casual or office look but going to a dinner after work. What are you thoughts on this one? I would love to hear it. Would you wear this combo? 


P.s - I hope you enjoyed this fun mini styling guide. Until next time...