Recap: NYFW Spring/Summer 2019

Micro-Influencer at New York Fashion Week

Hola! As New York Fashion Week officially came to an end I thought I’d share with you all some fashion inspiration and style for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2019 season. I only managed to see a few shows but I really liked them and I hope you do too. LOL. So, here we go.

The first show I went to is by nANA jUDY - a global brand from Melbourne, Australia. I think nANA jUDY really upholds to the statement, “nANA jUDY designs timeless pieces with a directional style, and are always at the forefront of fashion for men and women. NANA JUDY has set the boundaries of design aesthetic, innovation and quality…” My personal style and personality resonated so much with nANA jUDY’s designs. It’s funky but elegant, fun but classy.


[ THE SHOW - “ALIVE” “To be ‘alive’, is to grow and evolve through time. Inspired by youth-culture, art and music, it is unafraid, unending and unlike anything before.” ]

[ 101 DALMATIANS x NANA JUDY is a truly unique collaboration with Disney and will see the global, must-have 101 Dalmatians-inspired collection available to purchase in October 2018. ]

Next up is Nolcha Shows Accessories Preview — Two of my favorites from the Preview are CoFi leathers and Aranyani Lifestyles.

Silver/Metallic Tote

FUUHHREAAKINGG obsessed with this metallic tote.

And these handbags too.

Especially this marble mini handbag.

Marble Mini Handbag - Handpainted by Indian Artisans

And.. that’s it! I’m going to end it here but I wanted to share with you the WWD Style Dimension and Samsung 837 event hosted by some amazing individuals. I will make another post for that one since they shared some beautiful trending pieces for Summer/Spring 2019 season, so watch out for that one.

P.S - Always thankful for everyone reading my blogposts.

I hope you enjoyed this one and if you did please let me know in the comments below.